Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Ai-Da Robot Artist

Can Robots Be Creative? Yes!

Source:  Ai-Da's Robotic Arm Sketching a Portrait

Meet Ai-Da, the Robot Artist
British roboticists have created a robot artist named Ai-Da.  The artistic robot is being empowered to draw people from sight with her AI enabled bionic eyes and then using a pencil in her bionic hand.  The genius behind this is British gallery owner in Oxford Aiden Meller, who is the mastermind.

Mesmerizing AI Camera Eyes
Ai-Da is a humanoid robot with a lot of technology sizzle.  There are cameras in each of her eyes with artificial intelligence running in the computer vision to draw from sight perfectly.  She can also mimic your expressions. Ai-Da is the creation of Engineered Arts in Cornwall, UK.  Aiden Meller is working with the robotics company and overseeing the final  stages of her construction.  He calls Ai-Da the world's first ultra-realistic robot artist, that he envisions will perform like human artists.

Ai-Da's Big Future
Ai-Da is now equipped to do sketches of people from sight.  But there's a lot more for this robot.  The Cornwall and Oxford team hopes to build technology for her to paint.  She will also be a performer artist that engages with the audience.  She will talk and answer questions.  

On to Art Exhibitions
Ai-Da is taking her art shows on the road.  Her sketches go on display in London in November 2019.  And her art will have an inaugural exhibition at Oxford University in May 2019.  She's an artistic message from the robotic community that they are creative too. 

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