Sunday, March 31, 2019

MIT's New Energy Red Alert System

Energy Monitor Detects Electrical Failures Before They Happen
Source: MIT Power Monitoring System  Finds Burnt Wires under Gold Cap of Coast Guard Engine

Sensor Monitors Wiring and Warns Repairs are Needed
This innovative power monitoring system by MIT, that was just announced,  already has been successfully tested and prevented a potentially big problem.  Aboard the US Coast Guard Cutter Spencer, the system's sensor placed on one wire found the ship's diesel engine had burnt out wiring damage, not viewable under a cap, that could have caused a fire.  That enabled the US Coast Guard to fix the problem before it happened.

Power Monitoring Throughout a System
The MIT system detects imminent electrical failures systemwide before they happen.  It's able to track the performance of all electrical devices in a building, ship or factory and sounds an alert if there is a sign of failure. It analyzes tiny changes in the voltage and current in every piece of equipment in the electrical system.

Outside Sensor - No Wire Splicing
It's designed for relatively small electrical systems.  It relies on a sensor placed on the outside of an electrical wire.  This is non-intrusive load monitoring (NILM) that displays graphics that are easy to understand.  Importantly, no wire splicing is required.  The sensor sits on the outside of a wire. Brilliant!

There's More
This system can be used for more than impending electrical failures.  It can monitor energy usage in order to determine energy efficiency improvements. For more news blogs go to

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