Monday, March 18, 2019

New Drone Perches Like Birds

Greater Energy Efficiency
Yale's Drone with Landing Gear

Nature Inspired UAV
Researchers at Yale University have developed a UAV that uses robotic talons inspired by birds.  The landing gear allows the drone to perch and rest in places that would normally be inaccessible.  The drone can attach to ledges and even hang upside down.  The landing gear allows the drone to rest and turn off its motor while still gathering information with its sensors and cameras.

The purpose of the robotic talons is to enable the drone to conserve battery power and increase its energy efficiency.  A number of different talons can be attached to the bottom of the drone to land in different places and on different surfaces.

Practical Applications
The nature inspired talons give the drone far more access in the environment that it's working in and enable it to perform many more tasks.  The Yale team continues to develop the drone.  They are likely to empower it with AI to help it select appropriate areas to land.  They also want to develop the talons as grippers to help the drone withstand high winds.

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