Thursday, March 28, 2019

Smart Wrist Band

Wrist Device: Stroke Early Warning System

Source:  Kaunas University of Technology

International Biomedical Engineering Breakthrough from Europe
It looks like a watch, but it's an early warning system that detects the early stages of atrial fibrillation and stroke.  It could help prevent stroke and other health complications.  It has just been developed by an international team of biomedical engineers and scientists from Lithuania's Kaunas Institute of Technology and Sweden's Lund University.  It's a very smart wrist band that could save lives.

This device is still in the prototype stage.  But it has great potential.  The smart wrist band features both PPG and ECG sensors.  The PPG sensor optically senses changes in blood volume in the tissue. That can be a sign of the start of atrial fibrillation.  If a blood volume change is detected, that sounds an alert to the wearer to touch the device with their other hand to register an ECG signal reading. The ECG sensor measures the heart's electrical activity via the skin.

Algorithm Reading
The two readings are analyzed by algorithms to determine if a-fib is about to begin.  This provides potentially life saving time for the wearer to contact a doctor and get help sooner rather than much later. The wrist band monitors blood flow continuously for any signs of a-fib.  Until now, people at risk have been monitored by periodic trips to a clinic.

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