Saturday, March 23, 2019

World's Biggest Air Quality Study - London

 Breathe London Project - Kids' Backpacks Monitoring Air Pollution

Source:  Breathe London Project 

State of the Art Sensors in Backpacks
Dyson engineers along with King's College London have created state of the art sensors to monitor air pollution from student backpacks, along with a lot more data.  The backpacks with sensors are for 250 London school children and function as normal to carry their books, water and food.  With one addition - the lightweight sensors are measuring air pollution that the students are exposed to in London during their daily routines. That will alert the city of London of air pollution danger areas for children and everyone.

King's Scientists
The Breathe London Project is led by a team of King's scientists.  The backpack sensors monitor both particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide levels.  The sensors are lightweight and show what the students are exposed to in terms of air pollution and specifically where and when.

The data will provide information on the most harmful pollutants, their origins and when and where they are at their highest levels.  That data will enable improvements in public information and public health.

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