Wednesday, April 3, 2019

World Class Robot Athlete

Toyota's Basketball Star

Source:  Toyota's Cue3

Shoot Out Winner
Toyota's new Cue3 robot is a great sharp shooter.  In a recent test, it made 5 out of 8, 3-point shots.  That's better than the career records of basketball greats like Steph Curry of Golden State.

Robotic Visual Feedback
Toyota built Cue3 to demonstrate how the robot effectively uses visual feedback when shooting.  A set of sensors in the robot's torso measures the distance from the basket and adjusts the shot for accuracy.  The robot's motorized arms and knees do the throw.

Can Shoot but Can't Dribble
Cue3 is not ready for the NBA yet.  The 6'10" tall robotic athlete is an extraordinary basketball shooter. But, it can't dribble, dunk, run down the court or do the other basics of playing basketball. So, while it can beat professional basketball players in 3 point shots, it can't play the game.  In fact, getting the robot to the point of playing a game of basketball with humans, would take about 20 years of development, according to Toyota.

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