Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Smart Cycling

SmartHalo 2 - Smart Bike Gadget

Small Bike Computer Tracks Time, Turns and Distance
The SmartHalo 2 smart cycling device is a handlebar mounted bike computer.  The device tracks your miles, turns and a lot more in an easy to read design.

Lots of Tech
This small, practical cycling gadget is in the fundraising, Kickstarter phase.  The device contains a small OLED unit that provides data on speed, calories burned and time spent cycling. The ring of colorful lights offers turn by turn navigation.  It can be paired with a Smartphone to provide alerts from message Apps and even provide weather updates.  For a free Kindle borrow of my latest book "List of Top New Gadgets" go to amazon.com/author/ekane ASIN: B07RSLHMWK

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