Sunday, January 6, 2019

Japanese Flying Car - The Skydrive

Crowdfunded, Toyota-backed, Volunteer Team Building a Flying Car

Source:  Cartivator's Concept Flying Car Skydrive

Cartivator Innovation Volunteers
This is an extraordinary and inspiring story of technology advancement and individuals' commitment to creating innovation.  In Japan, volunteers in a "Cartivator" group are building the Skydrive flying car, shown above.  This is a crowdfunded effort that has gotten the backing of Japanese auto giant Toyota, where some of the Cartivators work.  They and Toyota want to fly the Skydrive to light the flame at the opening ceremony of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

CES Las Vegas 2019
A scaled down version of the "Toyota flying car" will be shown at the big annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.  The Cartivator team is a group of weekend warriors working on the Skydrive during their weekends.  And they have a plan.  They're aiming to build a prototype, establish a theory of flight control and form alliances with major corporations to mass produce flying cars.  For more stories on important innovation go to

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