Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Tesla's Futuristic Pickup Truck

Elon Musk's Cyberpunk Truck

Source:  Tesla Sketch of New Pick-up Truck

All Electric and Titanium
Of all the innovations that Elon Musk has developed, there is one that excites him the most.  It's a highly futuristic pickup truck that he calls the cyberpunk.  He hopes to roll out a prototype sometime in 2019.

Truck of Tesla Dreams
One concept, sketched above, is all electric.  He's been working on the core design and engineering for five years.  He calls it a "really futuristic like cyberpunk 'Blade Runner' pick up truck." This will be the first, ultra futuristic version of the truck of his dreams.  He's protective of the details and says he just can't disclose them.

If the design turns out not to be popular, Tesla will make it with more of a traditional truck body.  Musk promises it will have a lot of "titanium".  For more news stories on innovation, go to amazon.com/author/ekane

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